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Frequently Asked Questions

General RePower

What is RePower? (click to expand)

RePower is a county-wide program dedicated to helping you save money through energy efficiency; increasing the comfort; health and safety of your home; and creating local jobs. RePower provides in-home energy assessments; energy-efficiency financing; and a local, skilled workforce to help residents achieve these goals in easy and affordable ways.

Through RePower, you’ll access:

Who is responsible for RePower?

RePower has unfolded in two chapters:

With these funds, Kitsap County and key partners have come together to implement RePower. RePower partners include Kitsap County, Puget Sound Energy, Cascade Natural Gas, Washington State University Energy Program, Earth Advantage, and Washington State Department of Commerce.

How can I participate in RePower?

To get started, call 1.877.741.4340 and schedule a PSE HomePrint™ Assessment or Home Energy Assessment with EPS.

Eligibility and Participation

Who is eligible to be part of the program?

Customers of PSE and Cascade Natural Gas Corporation who live in a single-family home (one to four units) in Kitsap County are eligible to participate in RePower and make their home more energy efficient while reducing energy costs. Homes heated with oil, propane and wood are also eligible to participate. RePower helps single-family residences of any size or income. If you rent a unit in a multifamily apartment complex (two to four units) and want to save money on your energy bills, Puget Sound Energy can help. Contact a PSE Energy Advisor at 1.800.562.1482, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also use the no-cost, low-cost solutions featured on our website.

Can low-income residents participate?

Kitsap Community Resources runs the local Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)— a separate program from RePower—that pays for weatherization improvements in low-income households using federal, state, and utility grant dollars. To qualify, your household income must be up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Contact Kitsap Community Resources at 360.377.0053 or visit their website for more information.

Benefits of RePower

What are the benefits of RePower?

RePower can help you greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home and:

What impact does RePower have on me?

RePower helps Kitsap County residents achieve increased comfort and energy savings in their homes. Reducing your energy consumption has a direct effect on your utility costs.

You’ll also benefit from having a home that is healthier and safer due to improved air quality (by reducing drafts, dust and allergens that can enter your home through small cracks). And more efficient heating and cooling improves your year-round comfort.

Energy-efficient homes are more attractive to potential homebuyers and often sell at higher prices than less-efficient homes.

What impact does RePower have on our community?

Although newer Kitsap County homes built during the mid-1980s through the early 2000s may be more energy efficient than homes that were built earlier, many may still present opportunities for homeowners to increase their health, comfort and safety while reducing energy use and costs.

By reducing energy use in Kitsap County, our community becomes more sustainable and can save money on energy-related costs. As a community, we can work together to achieve a better Kitsap County.

How can RePower help me choose an energy-efficient home?

Download and share this easy check-list with your real estate professional to help identify the energy-efficiency level of a home.

In-home energy assessments

What is a Puget Sound Energy (PSE) FREE HomePrint™ Assessment?

Puget Sound Energy’s HomePrint™ Assessment is a FREE overview of your home’s energy use. Provided by an independent PSE-Qualified Specialist, this in-home service is your first step toward understanding your home’s basic energy consumption, cost-effective ways to use less energy, and how to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

When your HomePrint Assessment is complete, you will:

Please note: The length of your FREE HomePrint™ Assessment may vary, depending on the size of your home.

Call 1.877.741.4340 to speak with a RePower Customer Service Representative and schedule your HomePrint Assessment.

What is a Home Energy Assessment with EPS?

After you complete a HomePrint Assessment, you may be encouraged by your PSE-Qualified Specialist to follow-up with a Home Energy Assessment with Energy Performance Score (EPS).

Call us now to schedule a comprehensive audit. The cost for this service varies depending on the size of your home.

Your EPS report will be emailed to you within three weeks of your assessment. It will include:

When you make the recommended improvements, you will benefit from:

RePower’s EPS Auditors are certified Building Performance Analysts by the Building Performance Institute. To ensure that EPS audits are safe and dependable, BPI-certified auditors are trained in various elements of building science, including health and safety testing of combustion appliances such as furnaces and water heaters. They are also trained to make valuable energy upgrade recommendations.

For more information on a Home Energy Assessment with EPS, call 1.877.741.4340 to speak with a RePower Customer Service Representative.

See a sample EPS report

Why should I invest in a Home Energy Assessment with EPS?

Here’s why you should invest in a Home Energy Assessment with EPS: it is an in-depth analysis of your home to ensure all of its components work together efficiently. When all components work together effectively and efficiently, you’ll reap the benefits of a more comfortable, healthy and safe home.

A Home Energy Assessment with EPS typically lasts three to four hours (depending on the size of your home) and is performed by a participating Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified technician who completes the following in-depth, diagnostic testing to fully assess your home:

For more information on a Home Energy Assessment with EPS, please call 1.877.741.4340 to speak with a RePower Customer Service Representative.

Please note: Your contractor may not perform all of these tests based on the individual components of your home. The length of your assessment may vary, depending on the size of your home.

Will a free HomePrint assessment alone help reduce my energy costs?

Yes! During your FREE HomePrint™ Assessment, you’ll receive a comprehensive list of quick fixes and low-cost upgrades along with custom information on long-term solutions to your energy-efficiency concerns. You’ll also receive LED light bulbs and high-performance showerheads* that can help you save energy (and money) instantly.

*High-performance showerheads are only available during your PSE FREE HomePrint™ Assessment

How much does a Home Energy Assessment with EPS cost?

The cost of a Home Energy Assessment with EPS varies depending on the size of your home. Call 1.877.741.4340 now to schedule your comprehensive audit.

What are common recommendations for home energy-efficiency upgrades?

Prioritized energy-efficiency recommendations may vary by home. The two most-common recommendations are:

Air Sealing and Duct Sealing: Air leaks allow conditioned air to escape, forcing your heating and cooling equipment to work overtime. Sealing gaps and cracks in and around your home is the first step to dramatically improve energy efficiency.

Insulation: Insufficient, damaged, or poorly installed insulation reduces the effectiveness of heating and cooling equipment and can allow drafts to persist and pollutants to enter your home. Adding attic, wall or floor insulation can improve a home’s energy performance.

Homeowners who are uncertain of the best way to reduce their energy bills should consult an energy advisor or contractor for a tailored list of recommendations for their home.

Cash-back incentives and financing options

What are cash-back incentives?

Cash-back incentives are funds available through PSE and Cascade Natural Gas Corporation to help offset your out-of-pocket cost when you make energy-efficiency upgrades in your home. Incentives are paid after qualifying upgrades are made by your RePower trade ally.

Is financing available to help with the cost of energy-efficiency upgrades?

Yes. Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union offers energy efficiency loans, making it easier for you to make improvements that increase the comfort, health and safety of your home. Find out more about your loan options here.