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Energy-efficiency Workforce

RePower invests in an energy-efficiency workforce by:

For Kitsap County Homeowners

RePower helps Kitsap County contractors become trade allies and ensures that they offer our community the best in energy-efficiency services and information. RePower trade allies are properly licensed, insured and trained in construction safety; some are Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified. BPI-certified contractors are trained to evaluate how your home works as a system to impact its overall energy-efficiency. To select a contractor to install your energy-efficiency improvements, use the list of RePower trade allies. Find a local trade ally contractor.

Interested in installing your own energy-efficiency improvement? Be sure to check eligibility guidelines below as well as the Weatherization Specifications Manual for installation requirements.

Meet Your Kitsap County Assessors

Find out how your Kitsap County EPS Assessors are increasing the comfort, health, and safety of homes in your community. Click here to find a RePower trade ally contractor who can install your energy-efficiency improvements.

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