RePower Home

Step 1:

Get Assessed

Receive a FREE PSE HomePrint™ Assessment or Home Energy Assessment with EPS to determine the current efficiency level of your home and learn how you can increase comfort and reduce energy costs. Call RePower at 877.741.4340 for information about scheduling an assessment. If you already received an assessment, skip to STEP 2.

PSE FREE HomePrint™ Assessment

Provided by an Independent PSE-Qualified Specialist, this FREE in-home assessment gives you practical recommendations to make your home operate more efficiently and includes on-site LED installation. Full description and benefits.

Home Energy Assessment with EPS

After you complete a HomePrint Assessment, you may be encouraged by your PSE-Qualified Specialist to follow-up with a Home Energy Assessment with Energy Performance Score (EPS). Call us now to schedule your comprehensive audit.

A Home Energy Assessment with EPS is performed by a participating Kitsap County-approved Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified contractor. Homeowners receive an EPS-a detailed energy-consumption report similar to a miles-per-gallon report for your home—which provides a list of recommended energy efficiency upgrades and estimated savings associated with each upgrade.
See a sample EPS report.
Full description and benefits

Step 2:

Get Upgraded

RePower helps Kitsap County contractors become trade allies and ensure they offer our community the best in energy-efficiency services and information. RePower trade allies are properly licensed, insured and trained, and many are Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified. BPI-certified contractors are trained to evaluate how your home works as a system to impact its overall energy efficiency.

A trade ally contractor will work with you to identify utility rebates and other incentives that may be available. Find a local trade ally contractor.

Incentives are offered at varying amounts and can be combined, putting even more cash in your pocket. To make your projects more affordable, be sure to check out: